Touches of green in the gray of the industrial zones

Bernis SA designs modular and affordable activity spaces.

With its ecological halls called GreenPlaces, this start-up which carries out its activities at a very sustained pace gives new life to often very gray industrial zones.

We offer you a turnkey and / or customizable solution according to your needs.

Our unit halls are delivered just after the structural work and offered for sale or rental. Depending on the intended use, you decide what you want to invest in the layout.

For example, a warehouse will not require any interior equipment. For an office, for example, you need to install flooring, a kitchen and sanitary facilities.

If you are an artisan, the ground floor is generally used as a workshop, the mezzanine and the upper floor of the office or break room.

Our solution is flexible, quickly implemented and generally below average market prices!

We build with you!

We offer support, a kind of hotel service for companies.

If you want to customize a hall or even build your own Greenplaces, we assist you during the various stages of the construction site until the sale / rental.

We build for you!

Would you like to benefit from our know-how? Owning your own Greenplaces?

Our team develops the project for you and supports you at each stage of the process.

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